Blacklisted Russian Brides

Over the last few years there have been many news headlines about Russian bride scams. The headlines usually include details of some poor guy or guys being ripped-off by a dating website full of fake photos of Russian brides.

Indeed, it seems some of these scammers aren’t even Russian! Because of this growing problem, some individuals have begun compiling a ‘Blacklisted Russian Brides’ database. The database contains an extensive list of blacklisted Russian female photos. Sometimes the scammers even have the cheek to use pictures of models, beauty contest winners, local celebrities and pop-stars!

From Russia Without Love

This article includes details of several men being ripped-off by a Russian syndicate of fake websites.

Online Dating Fraud

This post contends that fake dating sites, including Russian Bride sites, have an effect on the whole Internet dating industry.

Example Russian Dating Email

This article shows a typical fake dating email from Russia. Apparently, it’s suspected English language students may be behind the scam, and they may be using photos of female students from the same college/university.

My other post, Russian Dating Scams, provides a list of websites that include a very extensive list of blacklisted Russian brides.

Online Dating Glasgow

In Gaelic Glasgow is referred to as Glaschu. It is the biggest city in Scotland.

I’m not aware of any online dating sites that specifically cater for Glasgow, however there are many national ones in the UK that cover all major and even minor cities. It’s likely that one of these sites will have Glaswegians.

Online dating like Adultfrinendfinder is becoming a very popular phenomenon, and I’m sure, in time, all the popular sites will cater for individual cities as well as countries.

Some details about Glasgow: it has a population over half a million and is situated on the river Clyde. It has been a major industrial city since the early 17th century mainly oriented around shipbuilding and steel manufacture, but both have declined over recent decades.

This site provides a list of B&Bs; for this popular city:

If you’re aware of any online dating Glasgow sites please email me details.


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