The Secrets of My Desire

I think I remember being a child and having it be that my desire was my world, in a sense. There was no division or hesitation. There was yes of course I want to do that! And wait where are we…oh I love this place too! And look at this thing over here, this is […]

Ghosting is abusive

WE NEED TO MATURE OUR HURTFUL, DISCONNECTED BEHAVIORS AS INDIVIDUALS FIRST AND THEN COLLECTIVELY. Avoidance does not make better human beings, it creates cowardly and emotionally inept humans who cannot confront problems, issues, crises, or the ramifications of their own actions. It creates victimizers who don’t even understand the full scope of their recklessness, and […]

If you are getting ghosted and it hurts you

If you are getting ghosted and it hurts you, acknowledge your pain and the gravity of how you feel. Make. No. Mistake. This behavior is fucked up. No matter what someone else does, DO NOT make someone else’s emotional crimes your reality. DO NOT TAKE SOMEONE ELSE’S SHITTY BEHAVIOR PERSONALLY. How someone chooses to behave is […]

Being a Challenge

Seduction experts believe that being a challenge is important when seducing women. A lot of this is due to psychology – people want what they can’t have. For example, think about the girl that had a crush on you but then starts going out with a different guy. Let me guess: all of a sudden […]

Kino, or the art of touching

Kino, or the art of touching, is practiced when seducing women to create a stronger connection and an aura of sexuality. Think about that one women you know where for whatever reason, when your hands brush it sends a shiver up your spine. Or think about that one women showing how confident and sensual she […]


Socializing is one of the most important skills a man can master because the benefits are endless. A very social person has high-quality friends, knows everyone, and can easily adapt to new situations. Think about how reassuring it would be to have friends who are always there for you in times of good and bad. […]

A Player’s Worst Enemy – Pimples

Pimples are the players worst enemy; Pimples can be the worst thing to happen to a working player. This guide/article will attempt to teach you how to treat, and prevent future pimples. NOTE: this guide should not be used for people with acute acne; you should see a dermatologist. The same applies if you have […]

Get the number, wait two days. Then call.

You have to know how to be a fast thinker and talker if you’re going to spend any time on the phone with her. Good source of wittiness can be found at , Seinfeld, and ESPECIALLY from Family Guy. Pretty much things that take real world ideas and poke fun of them. Now, I’m […]

So fresh and so clean

It is relatively hard to know exactly what to wear to look as attractive as possible with so many choices out there, and all of the music artists, actors, etc. which cload your mind by making you believe you should copy what they wear, while in reality they are the only people who can pull […]

Seduce Faster with Visual Rehearsal

Too many guys attempt to learn seduction from the comfort of their chairs. The fact is you need to go out into the field and get real, actual practice to improve. Only through real practice can you learn the nuances of seduction and really internalize the new behaviors.