The Experimental Mind

Meeting and seducing women is a glorious EXPERIMENT. And the guys that succeed best are the guys who have the Experimental Mind. To be successful with women, you should have your mind in a learning mode. Even if you totally bomb out with a particular woman, it is not a failure. Rather, it was a […]

Are You The Jealous Type?

If you are prone to jealousy, you might speculate about what you think your partner is doing now and might do in the future. You need to realize that your feelings about your partner are the issue, not your partner. When you are jealous, everything is a forgone conclusion for you. You are sure your […]

How to Become Popular and Gain Social Value

Have you ever known people who just seemed to exude an aura that drew people to them? They seemed to be friends with everyone and were always in the company of others. All the guys wanted to be him and all the girls wanted to be with him. This guy would often stun women when […]

How To Develop A Personal Style

So are you new to this site and just recently decided that your current fashion style isn’t going to help you get the women you deserve? Then this article was written for you. Do you already dress fairly decently but want to make a radical change in your style and dress in a totally different […]

The Softest Lips

I walked into the bar, and knew she was looking at me. Actually, she couldn’t see the entrance from where she was sitting, but she was looking *for* me. My spidey sense told me so. I walked past the pillar in the middle of the bar and saw her standing near a small leather couch. […]

If I can connect with a woman, nothing else really matters

Andy: Yeah, you can literally see it in their face where they’re having fun, she’s into you, but the guy keeps going, he’s not paying attention and any sort of connection that you could have had just kind of slips away. So, it’s just, yeah, it’s exactly what you say. You’ve got to stop as soon […]

Treasure in the Mundane

Most people begin conversations by discussing mundane stuff: the weather, the crowd at the party, what they do for work, and the slow line at the coffee shop. Such conversations often become stale–but they don’t have to. They can lead to excitement and romance.

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Dating Online UK

There are dozens and dozens of dating sites in the United Kingdom. Some cover specific areas; such as counties, cities or even specific countries (like Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland). Generally, the coverage of most dating online websites is the entire UK. This way it ends up being more profitable for the company and also providing […]