Blacklisted Russian Brides

Over the last few years there have been many news headlines about Russian bride scams. The headlines usually include details of some poor guy or guys being ripped-off by a dating website full of fake photos of Russian brides.

Romance Personal Ad

Everyone wants personal romance in their life at some time. Some people may be busy: studying – working for a certificate, diploma, degree, masters’ degree or even a PhD; working – pressing hard to get the income they need to pay for bills, to get a pay rise, a promotion; raising children; or a combination […]

5 ways to woo a lesbian

So you’re a woman’s woman, and your last quick search helped you meet the perfect match. But what do you do now? How do you get her to see that you’re the one for her? Girlfriend, listen up! These five surefire tips are guaranteed to give her the message that you think she’s pretty special… and then […]

Isn’t honesty just plain easier?

So you’ve had that all-important first chat. You even received an “I’m glad to meet you” email. Good start. It’s hard to meet someone who wants to date—especially in the online gay community. Most want stats and pictures first—and if you’re not perfect—adios amigo. If you don’t send drop-dead gorgeous pictures, create scintillating chat and […]

Should I mention in my profile that I like feet?

I recently joined dating site, and I’m trying to figure out how to write my profile. I am attracted to all kinds of women but especially those with well-formed and well-cared-for feet. I find women’s feet to be sexy… very sexy. While I appreciate feet, they’re definitely not the most important thing for me in a […]

The wonders of Sarging on Facebook and MySpace

Most guys live their life in a very small box. And the secret to making big changes, the secret to busting out of that tiny little box is quite simply changing the way you think about things.Now, most guys don’t really think about meeting girls online in the right way. But it’s a mine-field of […]

Best Places for Meeting Single Women

If you feel like a pro in dating and know how to seduce women, you still need to go a step further to find the woman of your dreams. You need to find ways of meeting single women. The key is to know where you will have better chances of meeting them. Common places you […]

See How Easily You Can Dress to Get Laid

Most of the men-folk these days do not lay enough importance on dressing to get laid. They prefer to use clothing to cover their nudity rather than to exhibit their distinctive style or personality. Besides, many men are under the impression they are well-dressed when they are actually not. Here, I am offering a few of […]