The Secrets of My Desire

My desire became strong and forceful. I was scared to lose her again so for years felt that I had to defend her from all my boyfriends. I practiced open relationship and was highly sensitive to a man asking me to slow down or to not make out with a particular person, etc. I wanted […]

Ending Relationships

Ending relationships is never easy, but it sometimes must be done. If a relationship becomes boring, abusive, or controlling then it will be for the better. From my experiences and those I have counseled, it has been found that the best ways to end relationships are as follows: Be Honest and Straightforward: There is nothing worse […]

Presents For My Boyfriend

I have always loved getting presents for my boyfriend. There is so much about it to love. He always is so appreciative every time I come up with a good present idea. Although he can be a little bit hard to shop for, most of the stuff that guys like in general is stuff that […]

Perfect Woman

When I Googled the term perfect woman, I was sad to see that all of the advertisements were for breast enhancement. Though I realize women put a lot of their identity into their breast size, I wish that this was not the case. Though it is important to feel feminine, if you put too much […]