Should I mention in my profile that I like feet?

I recently joined dating site, and I’m trying to figure out how to write my profile. I am attracted to all kinds of women but especially those with well-formed and well-cared-for feet. I find women’s feet to be sexy… very sexy. While I appreciate feet, they’re definitely not the most important thing for me in a partner because I am looking for a serious relationship and don’t need to be with someone who likes having her feet touched. A woman’s personality is much more important at the end of the day. So should I even mention it in my ad or do you think it would scare otherwise great women away?

Heels Over Head

Dear Heels Over Head,

Unless you thrill to the sound of women’s feet stampeding in the opposite direction, I would definitely not mention this mild predilection in your ad; none of us should feel compelled to lead in our introductions with our private sexual quirks. Besides, wouldn’t let you discuss any type of fetish (and that’s definitely what you’ve got) in your profile anyway.

However, considering all the time and effort many women invest to show off expensive pedicures in the latest impractical footwear, surely some would be happy to meet a guy who wants to give those tired little pups a luxurious rubdown at the end of a long day. Since you’re looking for something serious, it’s wise to focus on personal qualities and signs of lasting compatibility.

The search for your special someone

There’s no denying it: Members of the gay and lesbian community are significant contributors to the community of online dating. Almost all reputable internet personals sites include same sex matches. In this busy world where meeting quality people is often difficult, online dating is a great option. But before you start checking out the profiles online — or even create your own free profile — let’s consider what most of us are looking for in a date.

Honesty is the only policy

First, it’s important to represent yourself honestly. If we agree to meet and you’ve gained fifty pounds since you posted your photo on adultfrienedfinder, neither of us is going to get what we want. I’ll expect to see someone with a different body and face, and you won’t be accepted right off the bat for who you really are. Consider posting more than one photo, so those who are interested can see you three-dimensionally.

Others will read what you write

Secondly, write with an even, friendly tone. I made the mistake of making my first profile very serious and too long; I sounded somewhat annoyed when I wrote things like: “I’m not into watching TV” and “I don’t want to just sit around all weekend” Unfriendly stuff. So guess how many responses I received? Zero.

Remember, this is your potential partner’s first impression. Most of us are looking for friendly openness in a profile. And because it’s intimidating to make that initial contact, write with the intent of attracting the type of match you want.

Presentation is key

The key to writing a good profile is communicating a sense of who you are and what you’re looking for in a dating relationship. Tell the truth — not what you think people want to hear. Try asking someone to proofread your profile for you; feedback from someone you trust can be very helpful in creating an attractive description of yourself.

With these tips in mind, you’ll create a profile — or read other profiles — in a way that helps you find what you’re searching for: someone with whom you can share yourself. Post your free profile today!


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